IMPORT FACE-OFF CAR SHOW open to all make/model vehicles

 The car show portion of Import Face-Off involves parking, judging, and awards all within one day.  There is no prescreening at IFO as our events are outdoors, so space is pretty much unlimited!  After receiving your score card at the front gate, park inside the yellow tapped off show area. If there are no more parking spots left, park how and where event staff tells you.  Standard roll-in times for any IFO event are 9am to noon.  For registration and directions, click on the city of choice here:


No glass bottles are allowed anywhere at IFO events. However, contestants are welcome to bring can and plastic bottle drinks, grills,  coolers, and chairs. If you bring a pop up tent, be sure to tell judges before parking that you will need an open spot next to your vehicle. The judges will not give you space after another car has already been parked next to you. If you want to park with your car club, make sure  the entire team drives into the designated show area at the same time.  If you come inside together, you will be parked together.  Non-contestants are also welcome to park and show off inside the car  show display area for no extra charge (space permitting).  *Please leave your pets at home.  It is very loud at the dragstrip, so very hard on their ears.  When a random car drives by and revs up, the pets are in extreme pain.

SHOW CLASSES - Minimum of 3 vehicles to make a category
 Best Interior 

Best Evolved (Tuner Evolution Winner)
 Best Paint/Finish
 Best Engine Bay
 Best Display
 Best Female Entry
 Best Mitsubishi
 Best Toyota
 Best Scion
 Best Nissan
 Best Mazda
 Best Euro
 Best Civic 1st
 Best Civic 2nd
 Best Other Honda 1st
 Best Other Honda 2nd
 Best Acura 1st
 Best Acura 2nd
 Best Subaru
 Best Korean
 Best Domestic Sports Compact
 Best Domestic Car
 Best Domestic Truck/SUV
 Best Import Truck/SUV
 Best Luxury Best Exotic
 Best Bike
Best Female Entry
Best Stance
 Best Club Participation
 Best Club Models
 Best Club Representation $300 (team vehicles must have visible club decal - minimum 3 cars)
 Best Club Participation $300 (team vehicles must have visible club decal)
 Best of Show $500

 ***Additional classes and places added on day of event depending on  participation (Best Old School, Best ICE, etc).

Judging based on quality not quantity. Having the most modifications does not guarantee a win.

Cleanliness 1 5 pts
Modifications 1 10 pts
Paint and Graphics 1 5 pts

ENGINE  15 pts
Cleanliness 1 5 pts
Modifications 1 5 pts
Paint/powdercoating/polishing 1 5

Cleanliness 1 5 pts
Suspensions/stance 1 5pts

WHEELS  15 pts
Cleanliness 1 5 pts
Appearance/Size 1 10 pts

INTERIOR  15 pts
Cleanliness 1 5 pts
Entertainment 1 5 pts Special Features 1 5 pts

DISPLAY  5 pts
Style/MODELS/special features 1 5 pts

1 20 pts

TOTAL  = 100 pts