About Us

 Import Face-Off is known for being the most innovative  Import car show/drag racing series in the U.S. with event activities  that follow current market trends. Much more than just a race and show,  IFO fans spend the entire day enjoying the ultimate lifestyle event of  the year. All together, series activities include: car/truck/bike show,  1/4 mile drag racing, Usaci stereo crank it up contest, model expo,  burnout contest, DJs, drifting, low car limbo, 2 step competition, and  vendors. The IFO series pays out $250,000+ in cash, trophies, and prizes  a year. Don't miss the next IFO that comes to your area!  


My name is Cliff Wallace and I am an LSU alum (Geaux Tigers)  from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I founded Import Face-Off (IFO) in 2001  when I was 22 years old. At the time, I was not a promoter, but a  Medical Technologist who happened to also be a casual Import fan. I  owned a supercharged, nitrous Acura Integra that ran 12s in the quarter  mile (somewhat fast in those days). The local Import enthusiasts and I  were tired of only bracket racing for trophies against domestics every  weekend at the local drag strip. Since the track would never host an  Import event, I decided to step up, rent the track out, and host one  myself. I risked every penny of my savings into the event for track  rental and winner payouts. The first IFO flier was actually a picture  collage I glued together and printed off the copy machine at work. On  race day the weather called for a 70% chance of rain. I was a nervous  wreck! All of my money and  hard work could all be for nothing and Import Face-Off was looking to  only be a dream. Despite the bad weather and to everyone's surprise,  1900+ attended the first event! Today, IFO has grown from a small, local  race in South Louisiana to the largest touring Import series in the  nation with 40+ events annually! Our 350th event was in December 2016.

Our race tech inspector is Micah Peavy who also works for IFO  series sponsor, Lightning Motorsports. He became hooked into the scene  after beating me in the bracket finals during a race back in 2001. Micah  later became a regular winner in the FWD class with his daily driven,  10 second Honda Civic. He now pilots the 10 second, "IFO GTR" at  regional events. Other IFO staff members include Judges, Richard "Dick"  Wong, Jerron "Black Thunder" Warren, Danny Holsomback, Oliver, Long,  Michael Rochman, plus Jeffrey Natanael (office assistant), and my wife,  Kellie Phan (office assistant).

The main reason IFO has succeeded while most all other Import  tours have failed is because it is run by true Import enthusiasts who  are honest, hard-working individuals. IFO is not some big corporate  structure that is out of touch with the scene. We never worked for the  media and we were never professional racers. We are regular, every day  Import fans and even now, you will still see us attending meets,  socializing on Import forums, and competing at other events. We are very  personable and devoted to providing quality, sportsman level events for  the national Import community. Feel free to introduce yourself to us at  any IFO event.

Thank you for supporting us,

 Cliff Wallace, Owner
 Hybrid Entertainment(BBB accredited with A+ rating)
 225-247-RACE (7223)