TEST AND TUNE open to any make/model

*For questions about rules, contact IFO directly: http://importfaceoff.net/contact.htm

Open class for any make/model vehicle (motorcycles and rwd domestics  included), but Advanced ET and Nitro cars not allowed due to insurance  constraints. No payouts. Competition racers are welcome to run in the Test and Tune AFTER being eliminated from other competition classes (time permitting).  ***Test and tune lanes may be closed if competition classes are significantly behind schedule.

Highly modified, non-factory setup vehicles (determined at IFO staff's  discretion) 11.49 and faster required to have oil containment device  (pan or diaper). Racers lacking oil containment device when required may  still race at IFO staff's discretion with $100 track clean up deposit.  Deposit returned to racer at end of event pending no oil down. Catch pan  should cover entire area below engine/transmission with 2 inch high  lips on all sides. Lips should to be covered or curved inward. If a  competitor spills excessive oil onto the track, he or she may be  disqualified from racing at the discretion of IFO/track staff.

*Contestants may be disqualified from an event or bannedfrom the series  at the discretion of IFO staff for any one of the following reasons  including, but not limited to 1) breaking rules 2) excessive oil downs  3) playing excessively loud music with explicit lyrics 4) bad  sportsmanship 5) illegitimate protests against opponents who are not  breaking rules 6) verbal abuse of event staff 7) disrespect/personal  attacks towards the IFO series, track host, and/or fellow contestants.