FORCED INDUCTION SPORT presented by Insane Shafts

*For questions about rules, contact IFO directly:

PAYOUTS - $300 - Must have 8 qualifiers for full payout. Less than eight  qualifiers will receive half the normal payout. Qualifiers must be  capable of running 13.99 and faster.

Winner - $300 ($500 if 16 or more qualifiers)
R/U - $100 ($200 if 16 or more qualifiers)
*trophy payout only if 2 or fewer entries

Heads-Up, Pro-tree (.400) class for F/R/AWD import brand/sport compact  door cars with full interior, exhaust, and current tags/registration.  Sport Compacts include any FWD or AWD 4 cyl. *Domestic badged Import  vehicles permitted, ex. Eagle Talon, Dodge Stealth, etc. Power adders  allowed. Two qualifying passes permitted. AMP cars may compete in FIS.

Import or sport compact car bodies allowed. Current tags and  registration required. One piece front ends prohibited. Bumpers can not  be removed. No excessive cutting allowed for weight reduction or wheel  clearance purposes (cutting for aero only OK). Tail lights and head  lights required (one may be removed for induction purposes). 3 piece  (widened) front ends OK. Non-factory glass/lexan windows prohibited  unless needed for safety requirements (cage through rear).

Doors must open and close from inside and outside the vehicle. No center  drive configurations. All seats (front and back), door panels, dash,  and carpet (front and back) must remain inside vehicle.

Full tube chassis prohibited. No center-drive systems. Wheelie bars are prohibited.

4 and 6 cylinder 2 or 3 rotorengines allowed. 10 or 12 cylinders must be  naturally aspirated import brand. 8 cyl Import manufacturer motors  allowed to run n20 only, supercharger only,orstock/unmodified turbo  configuration only. Domestic sportcompact cars limited to FWD, 4  cylinder only. Out of manufacture engine swaps permitted.
*updated 3/3/15

Turbochargers: 62.9 mm single turbo limit for 1.8L 4cyl and above FWD  vehicles on slicks (67.9mm single turbo limit for 1.6L 4 cyl) - 62.9 mm  single turbo limit for 4cyl AWD auto vehicles - 64.9 mm turbo limit for  AWD manual vehicles - 62.9 mm turbo limit for 4 cyl motor swapped RWD  vehicles - 64.9 mm turbo limit for AWD manual vehicles - 64.9 mm turbo  limit for 6 cyl motor swapped RWD vehicles (ex. 2JZ/240sx) - 64.9 mm  turbo limit for FWD 6 cyl vehicles - 67.9mm turbo limit for FWD vehicles  on DOT tires - 67.9mm turbo limit for DC5, BB6 chassis plus 7th gen and  later Civic bodies - 67.9mm turbo limit for original chassis/motor RWD  vehicles (Supras) - 47.9mm limit for twin turbo setups, 3.8L 6 cyl  motors limited to stock twins (twins may be modified, but completely  stock turbo housing rqd). Superchargers, and Nitrous Oxide Systems  allowed. Vehicles limited to one out of manufacturer power adder type.  Turbo measured at inducer. (*updated 11/20/18)

FWD, AWD, or RWD allowed. Stock driveline configuration must remain. Aftermarket straight axles prohibited.

Open exhaust/header prohibited. Turbo or muffler rqd. Hood or Fendor exit ok. *Updated 12/16/16

Slicks permitted for FWD only (limit 25). Front and rear DOT approved  tires required for AWD. Rear DOT approved tires required for RWD  vehicles. *updated 11/14/13

Highly modified, non-factory setup vehicles (determined at IFO staff's  discretion) 11.49 and faster required to have oil containment device  (pan or diaper). Racers lacking oil containment device when required may  still race at IFO staff's discretion with $100 track clean up deposit.  Deposit returned to racer at end of event pending no oil down. Catch pan  should cover entire area below engine/transmission with 2 inch high  lips on all sides. Lips should to be covered or curved inward. If a  competitor spills excessive oil onto the track, he or she may be  disqualified from racing at the discretion of IFO/track staff.

***If someone in your class is not within the rules, immediately ask for  IFO staff to protest. Once your vehicle is staged, you accept all  conditions of the race.

***Contestants may be disqualified from an event or bannedfrom the  series at the discretion of IFO staff for any one of the following  reasons including, but not limited to 1) breaking rules 2) excessive oil  downs 3) playing excessively loud music with explicit lyrics 4) bad  sportsmanship 5) illegitimate protests against opponents who are not  breaking rules 6) verbal abuse of event staff 7) disrespect/personal  attacks towards the IFO series, track host, and/or fellow contestants.